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Eron Infoways as an ERP Centric Organization has identified SAP Services as one of its Key growth enablers by these stated objectives for SAP

  • To provide continuous Value addition to our clients through our robust processes, methodologies and services assurance model.
  • To have the right talent, experience and nurture them, as they play an instrumental role in the growth of the organization
  • To give total focus to customer, invest and build the right services and people, to sustain and grow the engagements

Eron Infoways forged its strategic Partnership with SAP India in 2007. We have strengthened our relationship and have demonstrated significant amount of involvement in leveraging this partnership. We are partners with SAP in distinct categories’ which helps us to position our service offerings and provide value based on their business needs

SAP Services Partner: It provides a competitive advantage to offer collaborative solutions to large corporations in India. The partnership enables us to acquire latest SAP offerings, which in turn helps us to provide value to our customers.

SAP Services Catalog

SAP Competency – Module expertise